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Know Important tips to qualify IIT-JEE and NEET exam

Important tips to  qualify IIT-JEE and NEET exam on 1st attempt | Know Your Strength and Weakness| Ambroz Academy

It’s a dream for many students, every year came to Patna, Bihar in search of the best coaching classes in Patna and faculty members, to qualify for India’s toughest and most demanding entrance exams IIT-JEE and NEET on their very 1st attempt and get admission in top IIT’s colleges and top medical government colleges.

The students who want to build a career in an engineering field or a medical lot, need to qualify for these entrance exams and for that their preparation starts from class 8th only, as from this age only a strong knowledge foundation can be built, which helps them to get best marks in their 10th and 12th board exams.

The students, with strong fundamental knowledge and concepts, find it easy to understand the advanced level courses and learns problem-solving techniques easily as compared to the average students with less intense basic concept.


At Ambroz Academy, one of the best coaching classes for neet in Patna and the best coaching classes for iit jee in patna, Bihar is known for the highest qualifications in engineering exams and medical exams every year.

The best coaching infrastructure and well-experienced faculty members give special attention to every student and work for their strengths and weakness, and accordingly provide their guidance to score good marks in their exams.

We understand, every child’s education qualities and their need to get the best learning environment and regular motivation classes with case study examples, we develop learning interests and future thinking capabilities, which helps them to boost more confidence and feeling to score distinction marks in any exam, with positive energy and thinking.

Ambroz Academy faculty members knows how to improve each and every student performance and make them think differently from others and  make them fast learner and develop fast problem-solving skills in them.

  1. Set an AIM of life ( To qualify IIT / NEET)
  2. It’s never too late  , if we start  at perfect time.
  3. Synchronisation of syllabus
  4. Learn by heart, on the topics you have storng command and practice more
  5. The subjects you  find difficulty, give extra time and take help from the faculty members and work from the basics.
  6. Start solving and practicing chapter wise problems , and make it a habit.
  7. Attempt for surprise test and answer discussion sessions with faculty members.
  8. Make a note of formulas , theory and problem solving techniques, and keep reciting and practicing regularly.
  9. Avoid using mobile phones and internet as much as possible, and focus on your Aim , and think why you came here.
  10. Always try to make your friends circle limited and be in touch with your faculty members and follow their advices and practical examples.
  11. Keep reading success stories of the students who already qualified IIT and NEET exams , as it inspires you and increases your inner confidence to qualify these exams.
  12.  Apart from studies , make a habit of doing exercises and follow healthy diet plan , as it helps in maintaining good mental health and increases your learning capacity.
  13. Most of the students, apart from good studies , due to lack of patience and sitting capacity, not be able to score good marks as per their performances. So it is advisable to the students, to sit and solve papers for their respective exam as per their instructions and finish their papers accordingly.
    This will built a habit to sit and utilise their time in the exam hall .
  14. After syllabus and course completion, attempt maximum number of test series and answer discussion sessions, held at you…

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